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EphBurn25 vs Hoodia Pure diet pills

The 7-Keto DHEA in this product is manufactured by Humanetics Corporation - Humanetics owns a patent (#5,296,481) for 7-Keto for use in effecting weight loss AND preventing weight gain. The basis of this patent was Humanetics' discovery that 7-Keto is a potent activator of three key thermogenic enzymes - enzymes known to play important roles in converting stored body fat to energy. In addition, Humanetics only sells 7-Keto to companies that enter into a licensing agreement - this ensures 7-Keto products are not mis-branded, adulterated and no potentially unsafe ingredients enter the market.

As with any supplement, another important consideration is safety. Prior to any commercial sale of 7-Keto, Humanetics Corporation commissioned a series of comprehensive toxicology studies conducted using pharmaceutical industry protocols.

The range of testing included four pre-clinical toxicology evaluations and concluded in a Phase I safety trial in humans. The results of these tests were published in Clinical Investigative Medicine 2000 and the conclusion of the principal scientist was that "7-Keto...which is not converted to estrogens or androgens, was found to be safe and doses up to 200mg/d..."

Comprehensive toxicology and safety studies are essential to ensuring the basic premise of safety for any ingested product and the research into safety of 7-Keto demonstrates that it can be used safely.

EphBurn25 is AE Labs newest weight loss product - standardized to provide 25mg of ephedra (from 312.5mg Ma Huang extract) per capsule!

What is the ECA Stack? ECA is an acronym for Ephedra, Caffeine, & Aspirin. EphBurn25 contains these exact ingredients in the right amounts - Ephedra / Ma Huang Extract, Aspirin precursors from White Willow and pharmaceutical grade Caffeine. It also contains other proven fat loss ingredients such as 10mcg of chromium, which helps keep blood sugar stable and metabolize more stored fat for fuel.

EphBurn25 is the classic ECA Stack you've been looking for! It's a complete diet pill standardized for 25mg ephedra per serving - it works well for women and men! This combination of ingredients- the ECA Stack - is highly effective for fat loss and has been proven in various studies to help increase fat loss by stimulating your body's metabolism through a thermogenic effect.

Hoodia PureTM is the MOST concentrated WHOLE PLANT hoodia supplement on the market! So, it's little wonder why it consistently receives favorable feedback from our customers (click 'Reviews/Results' for more info). Hoodia PureTM delivers the herbal power of 100% pure Hoodia gordonii, with nothing removed except water. So, why is this preparation so important?

Well, while Hoodia Pure consistently receives strong feedback (yes, it really does work well), as a stand-alone supplement/ingredient we've found 'hoodia diet pills' receive somewhat mixed reviews. We believe this is due to the fact that it's not currently possible for hoodia extracts to be standardized for the p-57 molecule - the 'active constituent' in hoodia causing appetite suppression. Consequently, many 'hoodia' products are very likely under dosed OR lack the p-57 molecule entirely since they are not comprised of the entire hoodia plant (some products only use hoodia root, for instance).

Keep in mind that the research done on hoodia where the p-57 molecule was discovered used an extract of the WHOLE PLANT. We recommend Hoodia Pure over other hoodia products even though it's a few dollars more per bottle - and believe it works - because it's sufficiently dosed and properly prepared - a single capsule contains the equivalent of 5,000mg of the WHOLE HOODIA PLANT.


Hoodia pills are especially suitable for those who do not have a control on their eating as hoodia weight loss is a popular appetite suppressant.