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Venom diet pills vs Thermolean

ALRI Venom Diet pills Hyperdrive

Venom from ALRI is a product created for those adults who need the best environment for dramatic results through responsible application of a highly advance formula. At ALRI we do not screw around. Love us or hate us, everyone agrees that our products work and at the suggested supplemental dosages. So, what sets Venom apart from the rest? Anyone can mix a bunch of compounds or herbs together and shove it into a capsule. All too often this is followed by ads that promise the world but deliver next to nothing. This is not to say that all products in this category are bad, just that 'some' create doubt upon those that perform as intended. So let's look at the research supporting the value of the synergistic ingredients formulated for Venom.

What Were Our Design Goals?

* Increase your stamina and energy
* Suppress your appetite
* Increase your calorie expenditure
* Improve your long term performance
* Improve your mental focus

Cocoamine (Only From ALRI). Cocoamine is a trademarked and patent pending proprietary, unique cocoa extract that provides the health benefits of chocolate without any of the unhealthy ingredients (you know, like sugar and fat). Please do not confuse Cocoamine with the patented ingredient Chocomine. Our Cocoamine is a unique matrix standardized for nearly 98% actives. Try it before you judge it! Cocoamine contains several natural occurring substrates, including methylxanthines (theobromine, caffeine, and theophylline), biogenic-amines (phenylethylamine, tyramine, octopamine and synephrines), amino acids (phenylalanine, tryptophan, tyrosine, others), minerals (with a high content of magnesium) and several beneficial antioxidants. *You may think you have used a product similar to this, but one dose of Venom will show you how wrong you are. (Please start with only one capsule!)

Phenylethylamine (PEA) is an endogenous neuroamine that increases attention and activity in animals. It is also your body's most powerful natural stimulant. It's unique in that PEA improves mood as rapidly as amphetamines but does not produce tolerance. Okay, natural PEA is good. And synthetic amphetamines is bad. Though they share many common positive effects, the latter is not a good option due its own negative affects. Got it? Another interesting reality found in PEA research is its unique ability to stimulate striatal acetylcholine release. Big deal? Well, this neurotransmitter positively affects everything from libido to the sense of hunger with benefits to mood, focus and stress. Okay, and a positive effect upon erectile function has been noted in other studies.

Caffeine is an interesting and well known compound, certainly nothing new to the supplement industry. But there is some valuable research that shows a lot of potential benefits. Yes, everyone already knows that it is noted as a compound that increases energy significantly. In one rat study and several human studies, caffeine has been shown to have appetite suppressive value. Naturally most dieters cheat and can use all the will power they can get. Another study has shown caffeine to decrease fat redeposit and aid thermogenesis through fat oxidation. In part this appears to result in suppressed leptin (you know, the fat regulating hormone).

Tyramine, Octopamine and Synephrines all have a positive effect upon beta-3 receptors thus increasing the rate of thermogenesis and your metabolic rate. Many have compared the effects to those of ephedra - mostly in a positive sense. Let me explain that a little better. Several studies have found that patients who achieve only small weight loss during dietary therapy, and have a tendency to regain weight, are characterized by lower energy expenditure, lower sympathetic activity, and a reduced ability to mobilize fat stores, compared with patients who are more successful at losing weight. It is reasonable to improve or normalize these traits by supporting the dietary approach with pharmacological manipulation of central and peripheral pathways. Agents that stimulate adrenergic neurons are particularly suitable because they offer mechanisms for temporarily inhibiting hunger and for stimulating energy expenditure, lipolysis and fat oxidation.

Sympathomimetic compounds can reduce appetite and increase energy expenditure. Energy expenditure can be increased by 5-10% via stimulation of a combination of beta-adrenoceptors; beta3-adrenoceptors may predominate during chronic use. This increased energy expenditure increases the relative proportion of fat oxidation; as this is not fully compensated by increased energy intake, a negative energy balance occurs. This mechanism may be responsible for the long-term weight loss efficiency of agents like, ephedra, octopamine, tyramine and synephrines.

Both individually and combined the combination of these multiple ingredients produces a unique effect. Research has substantiated the many positive user feed-back factoids about Cocoamine, including increased energy, appetite suppression, lipolysis (fat burning), improved mood, improved concentration, increased alertness, improved physical performance, aphrodisiac properties, and health benefits. When correctly processed, all of these benefits become a reality.

So What Else Is In It?

The need for extreme appetite suppression seems to be a large factor in the out come of any diet intended to help lose body fat. So we added hoodia. One study appears to have explained why people report long term hunger suppression with the use of hoodia. It seems likely that increased ATP content/production in the hypothalamus may be a signal for energy-sensing of satiety. Next we included 5-HTP which acts as a precursor for serotonin (mood enhancement), ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) to aid in insulin mediation, guggulsterone extracts to support thyroid activity, Rhodiola to increase support for ATP and cAMP production, B vitamins to support energy pathways and capsiate for thermogenesis, lypolysis and anti-oxidant value.

Okay, Capsiate is kind of cool so I want to say a little more about it. Everyone in hard core bodybuilding has heard of the fat loss compound DNP. Well, it works by making the mitochondria burn more calories in effort to make ATP by uncoupling the process with a compound called UCP-1 and UPC-2, and it is very dangerous. Better options? A single dose of capsiate temporarily raised both UCP1 mRNA in brown adipose tissue and UCP3 mRNA in skeletal muscle. These results suggest that UCP1 and UCP2 may contribute to the promotion of energy metabolism by capsiate, but that thyroid hormones do not. In short, a smarter and naturally occurring option. Yes, both human and rat studies. Sometimes all of the right ingredients can be in a product but the correct amounts and standardization can blow the whole outcome. It is all about the correct amounts of each substrate and that each acts in synergy with one another without counteracting another...that makes the product gold or a rip-off.